30 hour famine

30 hour Famine

Feature 1

Is a awareness about homeless , hungry, needy here in our community, in our area such as Camden and, around the world.

Feature 2

To feel what it means to be homeless, hungry. During the event we will learn what means to be homeless.

Feature 3

To raise funds to help proved for those in need in three areas

  • youth missions trip in the summer to help those need

  • feed homeless in Camden

  • Fight starvation around the world through world vision


you will go without food between 8 am (eat breakfast) Saturday morning until 2 pm on Sunday afternoon with a “Break the fast” Meal. You meet at the church at noon to begin our activities together.

  • during the event, you will participate in several activities in and around the church and possible other destinations. you will be active during the event.

  • you may bring water, juice and hard candies (i.e jolly ranchers) you are strongly discouraged from drinking sodas or caffeine.

  • Each person as asked to attempt to raise 100$ with 300$ being your goal. There will be rewards, advantages, and prizes for those who raise the most.

  • 3/10/30 Objective: Think of three persons that might consider a donation of 50$-100$. Think of 10 people that would donate $30. Think of 30 friends that would contribute $3. If you are able to do this you would raise $500. if 12 youth accomplished that you would raise $6,000! But at the end of the day, every dollar count. Fundraising material will be available on Sunday, March 10.

If you have medical reasons you cannot go without food (i.e medicine, condition), YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE-just talk with Dan Stephnes ,or have your parent talk with Dan.



Parents will need to sign a permission slip for you. we could also use parents to help with chaperoning, driving, providing “Break the Fast” meal on Sunday.




Contact Dan Stephens at SpiritDan@live.com, 856-956-99736 or on facebook!

If you want to help raise money for the poor and the kids that are going on the D.C. trip you can still sponsor our kids!!! just talk to April or send her a text saying your interested 856 - 472 - 4106

One of the games they played was to fill up there jug with water (from the orange cooler) till there jug was full of water . Then they had race back to use 1 measuring cup to move the water from the cooler to the jug.

This game was to teach the kids that in poor country’s, some kids would have to go miles to get their water from a wheel and some times have to go more times during the day for the water. This showed the kids that they have it good that they can get water when ever they need it for showers or cleaning there hands or drinking water that’s clean.