30 hour famine

30 hour Famine

Feature 1

Is a awareness about homeless , hungry, needy here in our community, in our area such as Camden and, around the world.

Feature 2

To feel what it means to be homeless, hungry. During the event we will learn what means to be homeless.

Feature 3

To raise funds to help proved for those in need in three areas

  • youth missions trip in the summer to help those need

  • feed homeless in Camden

  • Fight starvation around the world through world vision


Contact Dan Stephens at SpiritDan@live.com, 856-956-99736 or on facebook!

One of the games they played was to fill up there jug with water (from the orange cooler) till their jug was full of water. Then they had to race back and forth using one measuring cup to move the water from the cooler to the jug.

This game was to teach the kids that in poor country’s, some kids would have to go miles to get their water, and often several times a day. This showed the kids that they have it good! that they can get water whenever they need it for showers, cleaning their hands or to drink. And their water is already clean! something else to think about???

also, there are pictures of the kids building cardboard houses. through this activity, they learned about the plight of so many homeless people who have not other option but to live on the streets! it was an eye opening experience!